iOS 6.1.1: Jailbroken

Okay, while 6.1 has just recently been jailbroken using the evasiOn tool, the very active iOS hackig community has just announced a jailbreak for the as-of-now-beta 6.1.1. This might not be handy for the general population, but if you are a dev, or just want to be on the bleeding edge of your iOS updates, and want to keep things loose and JB’d, the ever-reliable redsnOw, with a little help from the aforementioned evasiOn tools have you covered. Redmond Pie has been kind enough to post a detailed tutorial for all those who want to give this little JB a shot. We should mention that this method is untethered, though will only work on iOS devices running A4 devices, so only iPhone 4, 3GS, and ipod Touch 4s will get the jailbroken fun. Head over to this link HERE if you want to try your hand at it.

Photo via Redmond Pie