Japanese pop idol is pretty, talented, and not real

Aimi Eguchi is the latest teen pop sensation in the all-girl group AKB 48. After an airing of a candy commercial for Ezaki Glico, a Japanese candy company, she became an instant hit with the fans of the group. There’s just one hitch though – she’s not real.

Created by combining all the best traits of six of the 61 members of the group (it’s a big all-girl group apparently), Aimi Eguchi is naturally a stunning looker. To further enhance the illusion, a profile of Aimi was created on the band’s website, which, among other things, claimed she was a 16-year-old girl from Saitama. In addition, Eguchi had also been featured in a magazine, complete with faked photos and biodata. This clever bit of counterfugue makes us wonder about the viability of virtual idols – because according to the reports, this little stunt managed to fool a lot of the band’s fans into thinking she was real. It probably won’t be long before we see virtual boy or girl bands popping up everywhere. We’ve embedded the commercial she appeared in below.

Source: Channel News Asia


  1. I remember there’s a pop group in Japan who used a robot as their lead singer. Not sure if she’s the one. I forgot where I read it.

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