Kickin’ it old-school with your iPhone

Despite the presence of amazingly powerful gaming machines such as the PS3 and Xbox 360, there’s something about retro gaming that tugs at the heartstrings of big kids everywhere. Maybe it reminds us of our childhood. Maybe they’re just more fun. Whatever the reason, the machines on which we used to play them can easily be blown out of the water by a simple iPhone. Alas, Apple frowns upon emulators, and won’t let us have our retro-gaming fun. There are solutions for Jailbroken iOS devices, but not everyone wants to go that route. For those people, there is THIS. It’s a web-based emulator that lets you play games from the NES, Gameboy and other old systems from your childhood. It’ HTML5-based, so you can run it right from a supported browser. The experience may vary, as the controls are a bit wonky when translated to a touchscreen, but it’s still worth a try, if only to relive lazy weekends when all we had to worry about were grades.


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