LG releases ICS source code for the Optimus 2X, better late than never

Optimus 2X owners have probably given up all hope when it comes to getting their official ICS update, but lo and behold! Miracles do happen! And that miracle is LG finally releasing the ICS source code for the Optimus 2X, which means that Optimus 2X owners have officially bumped up their Android versions from Froyo to Gingerbread to finally, ICS. The posted source code for the Optimus 2x is listed as the SU660, which is the Korean version, if we’re not mistaken. Now this doesn’t mean it’s a direct upgrade for all you Philippine based Optimus 2X owners, but there’s a chance that other, more technically inclined folks out there may start hacking away and find a way to stuff the code in other models of the Optimus 2X. One can only hope.

Source: LG