MacBook Pro 13 with Retina Display taken apart by iFixit


Another Apple product launch, another teardown by the folks at iFixit, and this time ’round, they’ve managed to get their hands on the newly launched 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The new notebook is pretty much cut from the same cloth as Apple’s other offerings when it comes to design and repairability, scoring a paltry 2 out of 10 in iFixit’s repairability scale. That means eager DIY inclined owners will be facing a tough time if something breaks in their MacBook.

A glued-in battery means that tinkerers will have to practice a bit of finesse when tearing one apart and people wanting to upgrade on the cheap will be defeated by the soldered-in logic board contained within the MBP’s pretty facade. The crew at iFixit also found that the display is almost impossible to take apart which means if it breaks, you’re replacing the entire display and the liberal use of Apple’s proprietary pentalobe screws – no surprises there. You can check out the source link below for the entire teardown and more nekkid pictures of the 13-inch Retina equipped MBP.

Source: iFixit