Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth app teaches kids environmental awareness


Here’s a fun way to teach your kids to love and take care of the environment! Join siblings Maddie and Matt as they push for environmental awareness through this fun children’s app from local software development company AppLabs Digital Studios, Inc. for iOS and Android.

Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth shows some of the pressing environmental issues and how kids can help in solving them. This app features a storybook and some mini games.

The interactive storybook allows you to discover which objects are movable in a particular scene. There are also Easter eggs hidden in the scenes, and once they are found, you’ll learn fun and interesting facts about the object that you discovered.

The app features three mini games—the Segre Game, Spot the Difference, and Create Your Own Happy Earth. In the Segre Game, Maddie and Matt will teach you how to properly segregate your trash into their proper trash bins—biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and leftovers. In Spot the Difference, your task is to determine the difference between two similar photos on the screen. You can even create your own planet by dragging different objects into the frame in Create Your Own Happy Earth.

The app integrates social media as it allows you to post how well you did in the mini games on Facebook and Twitter.

Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth is now available for free at the App Store and Google Play. To find out more about this awesome app that’s perfect for your kids, head on over to Maddie and Matt’s official website.