Man builds Tardis wooden TARDIS replica and uses Augmented Reality to make it “bigger on the inside”


If you’re a Doctor Who fan, chances are we’ve perked up your ears with the mere mention of TARDIS on the title up there. Well, you’re in for a bigger treat – former Tech Crunch writer Greg Kumparak just happens to be a huge fan of the series as well, and created a replica TARDIS (a vehicle used for time travel that looks like a 60’s British police call-box) out of wood. Of course, being the techie that he is, Greg didn’t stop there – he used the power of augmented reality to make his rendition stand out from the pack. You see, the interior of the TARDIS in the show was always bigger than what you initially saw, so Greg used Qualcomm’s augmented reality framework and made an app from scratch that would interpret the augmented reality pattern on the front door of the TARDIS. The result is pretty awesome – you owe it to yourself to check out the video link below.


Source: Greg Kumparak (YouTube)