Mashable PSA warns Google Glass owners not to be Glassholes [HUMOR]

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Mashable teaches potential Google Glass owners some futuristic eyewear etiquette in their recently released faux public service announcement (PSA) entitled “Don’t be a Glasshole”.

The video guide features the various signs that indicate that a certain Google Glass user is a certified Glasshole. The list includes cheating at trivia games, trying to pick up women with talks of X-Ray vision, using the camera to take inappropriate pictures of your date, and having them on while you’re inside the restroom. Hilarious, yet true. No one likes Glasshole, folks.

Source: Mashable


  1. In Cinemas camcording is not allowed ….. (but im guessing some of those who camcord now are using Google Glass and authorities probably still not aware of this technology haha)

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