Meet Korg’s Kaosillator 2 and Mini Kaoss Pad 2

Is smaller better? Korg goes the handheld route with its brand new Kaosillator 2 and Mini Kaoss Pad 2.

The Kaossilator 2 is a phrase synthesizer with a touchpad that lets you manipulate and create sounds by making different gestures with your finger (i.e. slide, rub, etc.), similar to how many iOS and Android apps operate. Korg has now added some new features in the Kaossilator 2 that make it quite a powerful pocketable tool in your live or studio rig. Aside from onboard drum sounds and a Gate Arpeggiator, it now features a built in mic, can perform loop recording with unlimited overdubs, a has a “Dual Loop Recording” option to “allow DJ-Style mutes and crossfades”. Files are saved onto microSD/SDHC which is expandable up to 32GB.

The Mini Kaoss Pad 2 on other hand is a handheld effects box, which is recommended to be partnered with the Kaossilator 2. It features a built-in mp3 player, 100 effect programs, along with effects borrowed from the originial Kaoss Pad (Looper, Vinyl Break, Ducking Comp). It allows “serious DJ play” with “support for pitch change and cue point settings”.

With a predicted retail price of USD160 (approx Php 6857), you may be tempted to consider using your smartphone instead of Korg’s handhelds. However, if you’re a serious performer, you’ll no doubt understand that there’s significant advantages to using dedicated musical hardware. Plus, you won’t have to worry about answering a phone call in the middle of a performance.


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