Mi 3 price update (sort of)



This piece of news isn’t exactly going to affect you directly, unless you’re reading this in a few (okay, two) countries outside the Philippines, but it’s important for reasons we’ll get to later. We got a tip from a very VERY reliable source to check the price of the Mi 3 in Singapore and Malaysia. Being the kind to always chase down a lead, we went right over to the Mi Singapore site. Until fairly recently, the Mi 3 went for SGD 339, or roughly PHP 12k. That’s a great deal any way you look at it. At the moment, though, the price has changed to SGD 299. That’s PHP 10.5k. Now, barring some sort of clerical error, website attack or, pretty much anything else, this makes an unbelievably affordable phone ridiculously affordable. (If  you missed it, take a look at our Mi 3 unboxing HERE)

Like we said, this might not have any impact on you, gentle reader, but given the previous info from Hugo Barra, VP at Xiaomi, that the Mi phones herein the Philippines will not vary in price very much as compared to other countries… Well, maybe think about what you want to do with your next 10,500 Pesos.

To put things in perspective, you could book a flight to Sg, purchase a Mi 3, and fly back home for significantly less that what you’d have to shell out for a similarly-spec’d phone from basically anyone else.

The alternative, of course, is to wait a little while.