Microsoft’s newest ad for IE goes all-in with nostalgia for children of the 90’s

Microsoft has been trying really hard lately to convince you that Internet Explorer doesn’t suck anymore. While the venerable web browser’s history is checkered with problems and issues in the past, Microsoft has more or less fixed those problems and have one of the nicest, most stable browsers around. Problem is, no one wants to use it because of their previous experience with it. So to combat that, Microsoft has been making ads lately to try and convince you that IE no longer sucks.

Their latest ad targets the children of generation Y – people who grew up in the 90’s – and tries to invoke a feeling of nostalgia by basically bringing back fond childhood memories. Who doesn’t remember feeding and later unintentionally killing their first Tamagotchi? Or the sound of a 56K modem as it tries to connect you to the world wide web? Oddly enough, the actual commercial doesn’t show you how IE is now faster or stronger, it simply states that it, along with you, has grown up. Check out the video below, and try not to reminisce too hard.