MMDA launches Metro Solusyon website, allows citizens to file complaints against MMDA personnel

After creating their Traffic Navigation System (that has saved our asses from traffic countless times), the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has created another web-based solution to address a very real problem – corruption. To help fight against abusive MMDA traffic enforcers, officials and personnel, the government agency has launched their Metro Solusyon website which allows citizens to officially report complaints against erring members of the government agency. The MMDA says that all the valid complaints and reports shall be processed legally through the site, and encourages citizens to participate not only in reporting abusive members of the agency, but commending deserving individuals as well. So what should you have on hand when you submit a report? Well, here’s the list that’s on their website:

  • Full name of the person being complained about
  • A narration of relevant and material facts which show
  • The act or omission allegedly committed
  • Pictures / MMS / Videos

Users will also need to create an account on the website, which makes sense, because it’s stated on the Civil Service Commission Rules, Rule XIV Section 3, “No action shall be taken on anonymous complaints unless there is obvious truth or merit to the allegations set forth in the complaint.” Section 5 also requires the full name and address of the complainant. Once the complaint or commendation has been analyzed and vetted, the report will be posted on the report tab on the website where people can read about the what went down. We applaud the MMDA in creating this website and hope that their positive example spreads to other government agencies. Hopefully the Agency also creates a mobile version of this particular website.

Source: Metro Solusyon 


  1. Hindi lahat ng MMDA peronnel sa kalsada ay natanggap ng suhol gaya ng nangyari sa akin ng magbalikbayan ako nung taong 2010 ng nakasakay ako sa harap ng van ng bayaw ko na sumundo sa akin sa NAIA na di ko pala naikabit ang seatbelt ko kaya kasalanan ko at nangyari sa Roxas Blvd Pasay Area ,nakiuasap lang ako ng taos puso at pinagbigyan naman kami .

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