Naphtha for Chrome makes selecting text from images a sweet, sweet reality

A picture is worth a thousand words. Images with text in them are worth a little more. Selecting text in pictures or any similar format however, makes the the value proposition a little less enticing. Anyone who has ever had to encode pages upon pages of PDFs can tell you it’s a bum deal all around.

Naptha, a super-useful Chrome extension makes selecting text within pictures a breeze. A quick install, and text within images can be selected with the ease of regular text. The extension even goes as far as to erase the text and fill it in thanks to content-aware algorithms.

Memes, messages, screen shots, and even PDFs are fair game for the extension. We tested the extension, and it is impressive. The accuracy, filling-in and ease of use were all solid. It’s light enough to not notice. If you have to deal with flattened text at any point, this is exactly the extention you need.