Need a costume for the 31st? The Force is strong in this one.


Everyone loves Halloween. It’s a great excuse to dress in costume and act silly, but not everyone has the ability to come up with a costume idea better than “sexy ______” or “pirate.” For the serious costume-r, the real appeal of a costume lies in the number of nerdgasms it will cause, and sure, you can get away with a One-handed Luke Skywalker or shell out for a Vader or Stormtrooper kit, but the real hardcore ones will build their own.’s friend Scott did just that. The same guy responsible for the Luke Skywalker on a Tauntaun costume from a few years back, is a HUGE Star Wars fan, and this year, he went all out, with CAD mapping, industrial punches and saws to come up with a glorious ATST costume. If you can spare the tie and industry, you can build your own through these instructions HERE. Better get cracking. You’ve got about two days and change.


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