Neil Gaiman releases a new video game



Author Neil Gaiman has produced books, graphic novels, and films. And just when you thought he’d stop there, the author surprises us with a new storytelling medium–video games.

The new game called Wayward Manor is a puzzle and adventure game set in a 1920’s Victorian Gothic Estate. It is about a ghost trying find peace as he spooks earthly inhabitants away from his home. Along the way, the ghost will solve the mystery of his death, and learn about the after-life.

Neil Gaiman who describes himself as a storyteller says “I try to find the right medium to tell the right story in.” And this time around, he feels the perfect medium to tell his story is through his new game.

Wayward Manor is planned to be the first chapter in a multi-series and is set to be available on December on PC, Mac, and tablets.

You can pre-order the game here, and get a chance to own limited-edition goodies from the author.