PasswordCard makes it easy to create secure, hardened passwords

With all the security breaches lately, it’s hard not to get worried about someone being able to get to your password. One main issue is the recycling of passwords. It’s a basic no-no when it comes to online security, and it all boils down to one thing – convenience. It’s hard to keep track of multiple passwords at once. You could write all your passwords in a piece of paper and tuck it into your wallet, but that introduces its own set of problems. The PasswordCard helps you solve that particular dilemma. It’s a credit card-sized card you keep in your wallet, that has a unique grid of random letters and digits on it. The rows have different colors, and the columns different symbols.  All you do is remember a combination of a symbol and a color, and then read the letters and digits from there. Each card is created randomly giving you that extra layer of security.

So what if a thief manages to nab your wallet? Well, for one they’d have a hard time trying to guess your password with all that gibberish. Two, is that you can still recreate that same card on the site with the simple code on the bottom.

Source: PasswordCard


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