Play a Les Paul guitar on Google

Hop on over to Google’s homepage today and get a chance to play a Les Paul guitar.

No, it’s not a real guitar, but rather, it”s a fun guitar app/widget (I’m not sure what to call it) that could definitely lighten up your day. It even has a “distortion” switch! phrase recorder!

Today is Les Paul’s 96th birthday (R.I.P.), a legendary musician and inventor known primarily for his name-branded guitars that have been used by artists from all genres, from rock to jazz.

Happy birthday sir, thanks for the inspiration and for your inventions. I bet you’re rocking out in the clouds.


UPDATE 6/10/2011

Since Google Doodles are archived – and since you can look at the code by choosing a View Source feature in your browser – these little novelties also have a life beyond their one day of glory. (Note, you may need to visit the US site if you’re in a part of the world that doesn’t have this Doodle, since they’re localized.)

Here’s where things get a little geekier:

Using the free and open source tool SuperCollider (Mac, Windows, Linux), composer and coder Nick Inhofe scripts Google’s interface, using the ability of SuperCollider to talk to keystrokes. You can download SuperCollider for free and try it out – it’s an insanely powerful real-time synth and processing engine – or just hit the Google shortcuts to hear the results. Full details:

source: CreateDigitalMusic


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