Prototype Legend of Zelda NES cartridge goes on eBay for $150,000

Legend of Zelda afficionados, Hyrule calls you. An ebay user by the name of tjcurtin1 has put the only known prototype NES cartridge of the Legend of Zelda. Physically, it looks unremarkable – it’s basically a yellow cartridge marked with “HP NOA 2-23-87 Legend of Zelda”. If you want to grab this piece of gaming history, be prepared to pay big bucks – tjcurtin1 is asking a high price for the prototype, and has listed a price of $150,000 for it, which is roughly Php 6.2 million. He’ll also be throwing in a VGA copy of the game, Nintendo graded 85. The price that you will be paying for the cartridge is simply for the collectible value, as the person who listed the item admits that there is no difference to the launch version. Hit this link up for the eBay listing.

Source: eBay via Joystiq