Red Pop: The Big Red Button for your iPhone Camera

Instagram may have become a much more practical alternative for those who want that lomo, vintage feel to their pictures without having to pay for something as Jurassic as film, but the actual experience may not be as fulfilling (or as easy) for the average “photographer.” So in comes the Red Pop, another iPhone add-on from the innovators at Beep Industries. Red Pop allows you to take Instagram photos more comfortably by giving you a big red button to push as you would with a shutter of an actual camera as opposed to poking at a touchscreen button.

Not only do you get the ease of use as that of a standard camera, you also get a device that allows for rapid-fire photography so you’re sure you never miss a perfect shot and allows you to share your lovely photos via Facebook and Twitter. It comes with a wrist strap and is made of shiny aluminum wrapped with a black plastic grip.

Hopefully Red Pop will also be available for the iPod Touch when it comes out in September 2011.