Samsung will start selling the Galaxy Note II tomorrow, will be offering people up to 50% in trade-in discounts


So you’ve seen our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note II and want one for yourself. We won’t blame you – it’s an awesome piece of technology that’s definitely on top of our wishlists this year. But you look at your bank account and you weep – you don’t have enough cash for the Php 32,990 sticker price that Samsung is asking for it. Cue the violins.

Or not. Turns out that Samsung Philippines are staffed by awesome folks, and are offering a trade-in discount to new Galaxy Note II buyers that go to the Galaxy Studio at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium on October 20-21. Specifically, Samsung will be offering discounts to new buyers when they trade-in their smartphones to get the Galaxy Note II to the tune of up to 50% off. Of course, not all smartphone models are going to get that magical 50% discount, but it never hurts to try right? Again, the event will be held at the Galaxy Studio at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium on Oct. 20 to 21 (that’s tomorrow folks).