Say hello to Be.e, the greenest scooter ever!


Be.e Bio-based E-scooters

When Waarmakers, a Dutch studio established by Maarten Heijltjes and Simon Akkaya, claimed that they made a scooter out of plants, they were not kidding.

In a collaborative effort with InHolland, NPSP composites and Van.Eko, Waarmakers designed the Be.e; the first bio-based e-scooter that is almost entirely made of bio-composite materials.

The Be.e is a frameless bio-composite electric scooter with a monocoque body made from flax and bio-resin, which are known to be sustainable, lightweight and strong. Monocoque refers to a construction wherein the external skin supports the load, which eliminates the need for a frame and plastic panels.

Waakmakers said, “We were responsible for the overall design of the scooter, it’s monocoque and detailed parts. A task which challenged not only our engineering skills, but also our abilities to design a shape, an imagee, which communicates it’s unique configuration in an elegant but distinct way.”

As sold as we might be on this eco-friendly product, the Be.e scooter is not yet for sale, and even if it does hit the market, we’re not sure if it will ever arrive in our country. It will be exclusively available for leasing in Amsterdam upon its launch in 2014.

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