Smart Netphone App now available in Android Market

One of things we liked about the Netphone 701 was the Netphone application that powered the whole experience. Now you can have the same charge-less internet experience that you enjoyed with the 701 on any Android device courtesy of the downloadable NetPhone app that’s now available on the Android market. You still get more or less the same experience that we had on the Netphone 701 which include that ever important safe browse feature that allowed you to check Facebook and chat with your contacts for free. The new app also seems to come with a few newer tricks up its sleeves (if the screenshots are to be believed) which includes being able to buy different connectivity packages from the app itself  using your existing load. The app works with Android versions up to 2.3, and Jayvee says that an ICS version of the app will also be available soon. The app obviously will only work with Smart subscribers, so if you want to take the plunge in the world of the Netphone, you’re going have to switch to their network. We’ve included a few screenshots of the app below.


Source: A Bugged Life