Soak, Dye in Light: a new way to watercolor

New media brings about a new way to recreate traditional art. “Soak” by creative computing group Everyware has developed a way to simulate watercolor using a blank spandex canvas. Once you touch the material, the canvas immediately begins to fill with color which becomes “soaked” in virtual dyes and patterns. This simulated watercolor uses GPU accelerated cellular automata and is a modern reminiscent way of the art of tie-dye. For many fashion designers, this could prove to be one useful technology when mixing colors in fabrics.

SOAK from on Vimeo.

Dying fabric is a time-honored tradition of humankind. Local materials such as herbs, flowers, rocks, juice of animals or shells have been used through the dying process. Especially in Korea, people have deep affection toward the unique colors and textures of fabric dyed with traditional materials. Now in the age of new media, we tried a whole new way of coloring fabrics with the essential materials of new media, ‘light’ and ‘interactivity’. Also, as a meta-creative interactive installation, ‘Soak’ can be expanded for creating garments with personalized patterns or textile productions using today’s digital fabric printing technologies.


Source: PSFK