Solar Sinter creates objects from sand using nothing more than sunlight and a 3D printer

Aside from that one bitching scene from the first movie Mummy, we don’t like deserts. It’s hot, there’s nothing there and sand tends to get everywhere. Markus Kayser sees it a bit differently, and when he looks at a desert, he doesn’t see a desolate landscape – instead he sees infinite raw materials for his Solar Sinter.

His little invention combines the power of sunlight and a 3D printer to create unique works of art using only what’s available in the harsh desert. The solar panels on the device keep it powered, while the focusing lens on top of the device provide enough heat to melt the silica in the sand to create glass. We’re still not entirely convinced that there’s no kind of witchcraft involved. You can follow this link to see the thing in action.

Source: MarkusKayser