Team Fortress 2 now free to play forever

Excellent gameplay, constant updates and balance fixes and tasty DLCs (downloadable content) are just a few things that has made Team Fortress 2 a multiplayer staple for most online gamers since its release 2007, and now gamers can add another feature – it’s free to play, forever. Yes, Team Fortress 2 is now a free-to-play game, so if you’re one of the few people who’ve always wanted to try Valve’s amazing multiplayer masterpiece (but was just too cheap to pony up the dough), you can now head on over here to grab it. Naturally you will need Valve’s digital content distribution system, Steam to download it.  Valve will now earn money from the game via in-game micro transactions from items, and knowing Valve and their zealous approach to in-game balance, the items won’t give players an edge over other players. Fair warning though – it’s a hefty, 10GB download (pretty impressive for such an old game), but trust us, it’s worth it. We’ve also embedded the latest chapter of Valve’s “Meet the” series below for your enjoyment.