Ten-feet tall ED-209 robot in Robocop 2 can be yours for $25,000 will not actually liquidate people for you

As a kid we loved Robocop. But deep inside our ten year old selves, we were secretly wishing that the ten feet tall, executive liquidating ED-209 robot that Robocop had to fight would actually win (damn you, stairs!) So you’ll have to forgive us if we’re a bit excited to have stumbled onto this eBay listing.

Of course, this isn’t exactly a working,   walking, shooting robot. Instead, it’s a movie replica that was used during the filming of the inferior sequel, Robocop 2. That doesn’t matter anyway – the ED-209 is ten feet tall, has pneumatic cylinders built into its legs and electrical wiring for the hydraulics to work with the leg extensions and to rotate the body portion. Unfortunately, the legs require wooden support to actually stand up properly and the guns don’t actually unleash a hail of bullets at unfortunate executives, but hey, the sheer awesomeness of this thing makes those little flaws worth it. It’s currently listed for sale at $25,000 or about Php 1017125 before shipping and handling, so, uh, we guess we’re going to have to pass on this. If you do have the money to buy it (and somehow get it walking), keep it away from stairs, won’t you?

Source: eBay