The Story Behind the Iconic Image of Steve Jobs

The story behind this now iconic photograph of Steve Jobs, captures the essence of who he was.

Jobs’ intense temperament was no secret to the world, and this did not exactly make him the ideal subject for photographers. Then again, you can’t expect a brilliant visionary to simply sit down and be directed by somebody else.

An eye-opening article published in PDN Pulse details various photographers’ experiences with Steve as their subject.

Shot in 2008 by the legendary Albert Watson, the now iconic photograph was captured using a 4×5 Horseman large format film camera. Watson recalls Jobs initial reaction upon entering the room:

“[Jobs] said, ‘Wow, you’re shooting film.”

“[Watson] said, ‘I don’t feel like digital is quite here yet.’ And he said, ‘I agree,’ then he turned and looked at me and said, ‘But we’ll get there.’”

What make this photograph compelling is that you can’t help but wonder about the endless possibilities of greatness brewing inside his mind. In order to capture this raw charisma, Watson told Jobs: ‘[T]hink about the next project you have on the table,’ and “instances where people have challenged [you]”.

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