Tupac comes alive in Coachella via Holograms and visual effects

Concert goers to California’s annual Coachella music festival were in for a surprise on Sunday, as the show was stolen by an artist that has been dead for more than 15 years. A performance of Tupac Shakur, a rapper who died in 1995, stole the show at the annual music festival which was attended by more than 100,000 music fans. He was joined by other rap heavy-hitters like Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre who performed and interacted along with the ghostly projection of the long dead rapper.

The feat was made possible by AV Concepts, a production company that specializes in creating such lifelike projections of deceased icons. According to an interview with MTV, AV Concepts president Nick Smith said that they worked closely with Dr. Dre, and the performance of Tupac during the music festival was recreated and was not made from archival footage.

The technology used to present Tupac uses a AV Concepts’ proprietary Liquid Scenic server to deliver uncompressed HD video which can be projected as holograms in an entertainment setting or as 3D imagery on building exteriors, interior walls, stage sets and other structures.

We’ve embedded a video of the performance below, but please be guided that it’s for mature audiences only because of the use of excessive profanity (this is Tupac, after all).

Source: Huffington Post