TV5 and MMDA’s traffic update system makes life easier for drivers

Here’s something that you’ll need to bookmark in your browser real quick – TV5, in cooperation with the MMDA, have created a traffic navigator that tells you in real time what the traffic’s like in the major roads in the metro. While it only shows you the current traffic status of six major roads namely EDSA, SLEX, Quezon Avenue, España, C5 and Roxas Blvd., it’s still a huge help for people who travel constantly in the metro. There are also a couple of views that are available to motorists, including a traffic overlay on Google Maps so you can plan your trip accordingly. According to the interview in Technograph, the system was a collaboration between (the online news portal of TV5) and the MMDA, with the former ponying up the resources and know-how to make it happen, with the latter being responsible for the data to keep the display accurate. Head on over the link below to check it out in action.

Via: Technograph

Source: Interaksyon


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