Valve teases talking, tracking, full-sized Portal Turret replica

We have never been shy in expressing our love for Portal, specifically, that cute, white Turret that only wants to be your friend and totally hug you with bullets. There already has been a fan-made version of it, as well as a sanctioned scaled down version but there’s never been a full-sized, officially licensed one. Well, that may well change soon, as Valve has teased a full sized, tracking, talking Turret replica in their Facebook page that looks pretty faithful to the original, sans the machineguns and bullets, of course. Now there’s not a lot of things known about this replica, and it’s unknown if Valve had this thing commissioned to guard their office against intruders (much like that Level 1 Sentry Gun that they commissioned from WETA), but even if that was true, you can’t deny that this thing is so unbelievably friggin’ awesome.

Source: Valve (Facebook)