Video Game saves three lives (Sort of)


Hearing all the news about all the negative effects of videogames on kids, it’s great to hear something positive every now and again. A report from Hugo, Colorado is floating arouond the Internet about a 10-year-old boy who managed to save the lives of his great grandmother and brother in a car hurtling down the highway at a hundred kilometers per hour.

The boy, Gryffin Sanders, was in a car with his great grandmother and brother, when their vehicle started to odrift into the opposite lane. He immediately checked on his great gram, and found her unconsciuos. After trying to wake her several times to no avail, the boy grabs the wheel and manuvers it deftly into a muddy ditch, causing the vehicle to come to a stop. Nobody was harmed in the incident, though there has been no news on the state of the grandmother.

When interviewed by the press, the boy credited, of all things, Nintendo’s immensely popular game, Mario Kart. We’re glad nobody was hurt in the trafic mishap, but we’re even more thankful that little Gryffin hadn’t been spending time with Grand Theft Auto.