Wanna feel like a double 0 agent on the cheap? Walther has you covered.

There are few secret agents in the real or fictional world that are as famous as good old James Bond. While his actions that led him to be both famous and a secret agent lead may lead one to question his true effectiveness, Jimmy’s choice of firearm cannot be faulted. Walther’s venerable PPK has been synonymous with 007 since Dr. No, despite a quick (and, thankfully, brief) swap for another Walther pistol, the P99, in Tomorrow Never Dies. Daniel Craig’s Bond switches back to the PPK in the latest movie, and for good reason. It’s just so sexy. It is, however, also pretty expensive. Walther, hearing the plea of many a spy fanboy out there, has just recently announced a .22 LR version of the PPK/S which is set to come out this year, and retail from USD 399 to USD 429. It may take a while to reach our shores, but the fun factor of owning an affordale-to-own, afordable-to-shoot .22 LR version of the iconic handgun, coupled with a small footprint if you do decide to legally carry (any gun is better than no gun) make for a model that gun and movie fans may want to consider.

Source: thefirearmblog