YouTube duo creates live-action remake of Toy Story

Photo from Live Action Toy Story Facebook page

Behold, children of the 90s! Amateur filmmakers Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta spent more than two years to create a live-action remake of the Pixar animated film Toy Story, which became an instant groundbreaking hit among kids (and kids at heart) upon its release in the year 1995

Pauley and Perrotta used real people, real toys and stop motion techniques to remake each scene—shot for shot—in the film. Then, they laid out the audio track of the original film on their own footage.

CNET reports that Pauley and Perrotta were given approval by Pixar before they posted the video on their YouTube channel, jonasonsMovies. The channel contains several behind-the-scenes videos.

The video, simply labeled as Live Action Toy Story, has been up on the web for only a day and now has 253,713 views as of press time. Hit play on the video below and have fun watching!