A cross between an iPad and a clipboard—the NoteSlate.

Before the iPad was the clipboard, an unassuming, flat piece of cork or plastic that you attached papers to so you could have something to write on while standing up. Now we’ve got the iPad, a powerful machine whose 9.7-inch high-res screen lets you play music, watch videos and run a myriad other functions. Somewhere in the middle of those two is the NoteSlate, a monochrome tablet for people who like technology but are wary of the many capabilities of computers. If you’re asking, “what ever happened to paper?” but are eco-conscious, the NoteSlate is for you.

The NoteSlate is a tablet device with true one color display and has a “real-paper look” design. You can basically lug it around for notes and sketches. Notes that are written can be saved or deleted. But alas, unlike the iPad, it cannot go online. The upside is, it’s so simple that it won’t overwhelm the user. And it’s only $99 (about Php 4,400). It measures at about 210x310x6mm and has a 13-inch matte monochrome eInk display. The actual screen is 190x270mm active display with 750×1080 pixels.

Because it doesn’t have a lot under the hood, it can afford to have 180 hours of battery life, and since you’ll be carrying it around a lot, the 280g shouldn’t hurt. It comes with a 3.5mm jack, a pen with an eraser and an AC/DC 12 V plug. It’s expandable up to 32GB through SD card and get this, it’s got a mini-USB port.

Kind of beats the iPad there, if you ask me.


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