Absolutely epic Garrus costume blows our minds, can save our galaxy anytime

There’s cosplayers that buy a Naruto costume off the shelf and calls it a day. Then there’s cosplayers like Robert Rodgers, an artist and consume designer from Florida that create epic pieces that’s more art than costume. His latest work truly blows the minds of Mass Effect fans as he’s managed to painstakingly re-create Garrus Vakarian’s costume, complete with a total of 75 LED lights. The mouth of the Garrus mask he’s wearing moves when he speaks, and every detail in the armor is correct, down to the small, mini screen that’s in front of Garrus’ eye. He’s also recreated the way Garrus stands, which was no mean feat, as Turians (the species of Garrus) in the Mass Effect universe are digitigrades or beings that walk on their toes. Impressive stuff. Word is that he’s making more costumes for guys (and gals) who want some, but I think it’s safe to say that they won’t be cheap. Still, it won’t stop people from yelling “shut up and take my money” to him anytime soon, we guess.

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Source: mywickedarmor.com