AOC Razor Monitors: The Power to Transform

Taking inspiration from the beloved Marvel X-men and their mutant abilities to transform and redefine the way they live, AOC now gives us a more “highly-evolved” way of viewing our world.

Imagine vivid colorful images gliding on your monitor screens in mirror-like clarity, sans the blur from yesteryears. You’ll clearly see how each X-Men transforms into their alter-ego. Suddenly, Mystique turns to her blue self and Prof. Charles summons the other mutants with his mind. Altogether, the characters you’ve once read in Marvel comic-books spring to life.

But this powerful imagery and transformation can only be achieved with state-of-the-art gadgetry like AOC’s Razor LED monitors.

The 43-series or Razor LEDs are available in a range of practical screen sizes, from 18.5” to 23-inches. All models are equipped with multiple power saving features for reduced environmental impact, whilst the LED backlight contains no toxic mercury, unlike traditional LCD monitors that present a disposal hazard.

The 51-Series, on the other hand, offers an exciting blend of cutting-edge style and new technologies that will thrill all people who see them. Whether your first choice is elegantly traditional or strikingly alternative, the 51-Series has the technology to inspire those with sharp eyes and environmental awareness.

Meanwhile, futuristic technology is more than just an impression as the 53-X sport a cutting-edge IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel; a superior type of screen that offers consistent image appearance and colours across the entire display, even from extreme viewing angles. Contrast ratio is ultra high at 50,000,000:1 (DCR). These latest ultra-slim LED monitors have unique smart bases containing all the input connectors and control electronics, allowing the entire display panel to measure just 9.6mm thin!The 53-Series is an award-winning line with its i2353Ph model. It received the “iF design award China 2010” for its 9.2mm display panel with metal front bezel.

The ultra-slim Razor LED monitor by AOC is a first of its class, akin to the first class of mutants who banded in the film X-Men First Class. As prequel to the saga, X-Men First Class unveils the epic beginning of the X-Men series. Before mutants had revealed themselves to the world, they were discovering their powers for the first time, and worked together to prevent an impending nuclear war. In the process, a serious rift opened between them, beginning the conflict between Magneto’s Brotherhood and Professor Xavier’s X-Men.

So when you’re confronted with the query, “Which side will you be in the end?”, fret not! As long as you’re on the AOC camp, then, like the X-men, you’re on the winning side. First class, that is!

AOC and leading global film distributor Twentieth Century Fox International have banded together to promote the highly-anticipated release of the movie X-Men: First Class this month of June.

Headquartered in Taipei, AOC is a leader in display technology for monitors and TVs, backed by over 6 decades of design and manufacturing experience. AOC has earned a reputation for selling user-friendly, technologically-advanced displays, with every aspect of AOC’s business focusing on the development of products that fit seamlessly into consumers’ digital lifestyles.

In the Philippines, AOCmonitors are distributed by EA Global Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.

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