– a new approach to daily deals

Filipinos love a bargain, and it comes to no surprise that our local industry welcomes a new website offering great deals. From spa packages all the way to massive restaurant discounts, there is no better way to spend money, than to spend less of it.

With that said, keep your eyes peeled for, a daily deals service that is set to launch its beta site. While they offer great discount packages just like other similar sites, what makes them unique is their use of a distinct algorithm to display their current deals. According to their press release

Careful analysis has been conducted by the team to come up with this algorithm that benefits merchants and puts fairness and balance on all deals. Numerous factors have been used in developing this algorithm, each given its corresponding weight in the algorithm. boasts their algorithm to be something different and new adding spice to the conventional daily deals service that most consumers are familiar with. is founded by the same minds behind, so users may expect the same creative output and quality of service. Through this newly developed algorithm, consumers will be able to better connect with local businesses and vice versa, promoting a mutually beneficial relationship between buyers and merchants.


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