Facebook scam uses unwitting users as malicious delivery devices

Here’s another reason why you should NOT click on every single thing that pops on your wall: your account being used as an unwitting tool in spreading malware. Ah yes, malware writers and scammers are again targeting the naturally curious to deliver the newest Facebook scam: a video of a, ahem, well-endowed Italian actress, Marika Fruscio, suffering a wardrobe malfunction on TV. We’ve seen a number of remixes to the description of the scam, and while the name is different they all do the same thing, which is namely to spread an online survey to you and spam your friends’ and contacts with the same link, over and over. The payload may seem benign, but to be honest there’s no telling what the code contains – these people aren’t exactly following a strict code of moral ethics. So the lesson here is clear: stop clicking on every single thing you see on your feed, lest you appear as a gullible twit to all of your friends and contacts.

Source: Sophos