Globe 4G LTE: Coming to you this September

In a move sure to please countless of Globe subscribers all over the country, the communications giant has just announced the imminent launch of their own 4g LTE service. Peter Bithos, Senior Adviser for Customer Business explains: “By September this year, it’s all systems go to launch the 4G LTE network of Globe… [We] will offer 4G LTE on a full range of mobile phones by the fourth quarter of this year.”

This news comes in the middle of their current modernization program which aims to provide a more solid backbone for the increased number of mobile data users the LTE rollout will bring. Globe has laid an additional 12,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable to enable 4G LTE activation for majority of its cell sites and allow for the deployment of super fast mobile data speeds. The modernization will also ensure that Globe will be able to offer a constant, contiguous connection wherever subscribers go. The service will initially be available in key Makati residential and commercial areas. They also assure that the service will very rapidly be available throughout the metro and then the rest of the Philippines.

As of this writing, Globe execs have not released word regarding pricing, but we should have all the details in a few short weeks.


  1. Wait, as i remembered from their press released, it should be 3rd quarter this year. Proof that they dont have consistency. They are not reliable. By the way, it really shows that they are not worth to be trusted when in comes to service. They are liars. Globe loss their credibility.

  2. globe is for normal call and text lang. Indi pa sila puede sa unlimited data. 3g coverage is horrible! Smart namn fully capable for unlimited data, kaso, mahilig mag data cap. Puede bang magkaroon ng best of both worlds? Any foreign telcos out there interested in investing here to topple the balance of monopoly once again, just like what sun did with unlitxt and unlicalls??

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