Globe celebrates IPv6 day by bringing IPv6 connectivity to the Philippines

Did you know that IPv4 addresses, the four set of numbers that makes the internet possible (if you’ve ever mucked around a router, it’s the address you type in) is running out? Without a public IPv4 address that’s needed by every device that connects to the internet won’t be able to connect to the internet using your smartphone, tablet and yes, even your PC. You don’t need to panic though, as there’s already a successor to IPv4 called IPv6, and local telcos are gearing up to start transitioning into the new internet protocol and chief among them is Globe. In fact, today is World IPv6 Day, and Globe is at the forefront of the change into IPv6 by participating in the 24-hour IPv6 test flight with other international companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo! and Limelight Networks. Globe is working hard to ensure businesses and consumers are spared the headaches of the transition into IPv6.

We’ve included a few slides of Globe’s presentation below so you’ll have an idea what devices and operating systems will support IPv6 from the get go.

You can go to Globe’s IPv6 webpage here to know more.