Google sued over Chromebook name

In a delicious piece of irony, Google is being sued by a Salt-Lake City-based company named ISYS that manufactures notebooks for Google’s own Chrome OS, with the aim of stopping the crew from Mountain View from marketing their own Chrome OS notebooks as Chromebooks. ISYS makes custom built PCs designed to run on Chrome OS, and according to them, has been working to get the ChromiumPC trademark for the past 18 months. They contest that Google’s “Chromebook” and “Chromebox” terms are too similar to their own trademark. According to a report on PCMag, ISYS also contends that Google originally sought to call its Web-based netbooks the “Speedbook,” but switched to Chromebook after discovering the Speedbook mark was already taken. Google then filed “unnecessary extensions of time” on the ChromiumPC trademark application before introducing its Chromebooks at a May 11 press event. Xi3’s ChromiumPC was unveiled on May 23.

Source: PCMag