HTC Sensation and Wildfire S launched, we have piccies and prices

HTC has just officially launched its new smartphones – the Sensation and the Wildfire S in Republic located in Pasay tonight. The two new smartphones are aimed at strengthening the already impressive range of HTC devices in the market.

Like the HTC Desire S before it, the HTC Sensation is made from a single block of aluminium. This 4.3-inch beauty is powered by a Qualcomm dual core processor that runs at 1.2 GHz.

As you can see here, the size of the unit is pretty impressive. The device also feels extremely well built, and the weight just felt right in my hands. The device will have a suggested retail price of Php 31,990.

The HTC Wildfire on the other hand, is a smartphone designed for the mid-market. It sports a 3.2-inch screen, and apparently will be available in different colors.

It’ll be powered by a 600 MHz processor. To be honest it felt a bit light and small to me, but seeing as I don’t have issues with 4.3-inch screens due to my large hands, this may be a personal thing. The Wildfire S will retail for Php 15,500.

We’ll have a review up as soon as we have the units.




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