iOS 5 is coming on Oct. 12

Fresh from today’s Apple event is the announcement of iOS 5, Apple’s newest OS for its suite of mobile devices. Like every iOS update, there’s a huge list of improvements to be had, but we’re just going to enumerate some of the notable ones:

  • Notifications come in from the top, you can swipe down and access it ala Android
  • iMessage service, which is basically like BBM for iOS and is coming to all iOS devices
  • Game Center App, kinda like XBOX Live for iOS, lists achievements, has social functionality for you to share for your friends
  • Deeper Twitter integration for devices – say goodbye to multiple sign-in pages, plus you can now share pictures to Twitter from your photos
  • Updated camera functionality – a double tap on the home button allows you to take a picture, volume up button also allows you to take a pic while in the camera app
  • A new, location aware Reminders app, which..reminds you things you need to do depending on your location (if you’re near your bank for example, it tells you to pay the bills)
  • Multiple mail updates
  • PC Free device activation and wireless iOS updates

All of these nice improvements are coming to all iOS devices come Oct. 12, so mark your calendars!