Kraft plans your meals…with Intel’s help

The perpetual question during meal time is, “what will we eat?” Transcending racial lines and social status, this question is known to plague even the folks who have personal chefs. Well now, technology is moving out of the living room and into your kitchen. Kraft Foods and Intel have joined forces to create a vending machine integrated with an interactive digital signage that scans your face and tells you what you want to eat, within Kraft Foods products, of course.

The kiosk is basically 3-HP touch screen HD monitors with 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors equipped with Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) technology that scans the customers’ face and analyzes it while searching through marketing data and determining what kind of Kraft Foods products you might find appealing based on your gender, age and other factors like time of day.

I expect that while this might pose a problem for people who aren’t big fans of Kraft Foods but need help with meal planning, lovers of cheese and dairy like myself should be able to optimize this new feature.