Lytro’s camera lets you re-focus images after they’ve been taken

How would you like to fix the focus on your photographs after they have been taken?

A company called Lytro, has been able to do just that. The company has created a light field sensor which basically catches all available light within view of the camera.

What does this mean? You can re-focus your images after they are taken!

Never again will you have to slap yourself in the face out of frustration because what could have been a great shot was out of focus. Lytro promises that once your images are on a computer or smartphone, you will be able to adjust the focus point on any part of the photograph!

For more info and to try out what the Lytro camera is capable of, go here.

You may also visit Lytro’s official website if you wish to make a reservation.


Source: PopPhoto and AllThingsD


PS: Thanks to Jude, our Art Director for pointing this out


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