Meet StudioBLADE, the World’s Most Powerful Keyboard Workstation

Dubbed by its manufacturer as the “World’s Most Powerful” keyboard station, feast your eyes on one monster music production machine.

The StudioBLADE (Gen 2) utilizes up to dual 6-core (12 core total) Intel Xeon server platform processors that are capable of hyper-threading, so users get up to 24 virtual computer cores to ensure that DAWs and VSTs can run uninhibited. By using server grade processors, this keyboard is able to outperform others by accessing more RAM, and with 12 RAM memory slots able to handle 16GB modules each, this comes to an astounding total of 192GB RAM.

With that much power in its core, The StudioBLADE can purportedly handle over 2,000 plug-ins at the same time and sequence thousands of tracks at once onto its 6TB hard drive. It runs on Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) that has been calibrated specifically  for music production/recording. Users navigate via a 10.1-inch touchscreen that tilts to the their preferred viewing angle and two external video ports provide users the option of running up to three monitors at the same time.

Its compact form factor comes in 61-key or 88-key versions, but it is also a midi controller, featuring mapabble faders, encoders, 64 lighted pads, and a Monome for triggering sequences. It is also equipped with Presonus audio interfaces guaranteeing studio quality a/d converters making the StudioBLADE the complete workstation where users can create, record, mix and master their musical compositions.


If you want to lust further, visit Music Computing to view the StudioBLADE’s complete set of features.


Source: Sonic State, Music Computing