Meet the Zoom R8, a hybrid portastudio

Zoom R8

I still own a 4track cassette recorder because I love its lo-fi sound and ultraportability, but perhaps it would be useful to pick up a digital portastudio as well.

Meet the Zoom R8, the company’s newest portable recorder that also functions as an audio interface and control surface. Simply writing about its capabilities in a nutshell already has me interested, so let’s take a look at what the “Total Music Production Solution” has to offer.

First off, it definitely looks suave and portable, which is advertised as small enough to fit in a guitar case. This means that it can also be stuffed inside your laptop bag, guaranteeing an ultraportable recording rig that you can take anywhere you go.

The Zoom R8 can record 2 tracks simultaneously at up to 24-bit 48kHz with a maximum of 8-track playback. When used as an audio interface, it provides users with 2 ins+2 outs, and conveniently connects to the computer via USB.  The R8 can also be used as a control surface (8 mini-faders + 1 master fader), allowing you to have a hands on approach to mixing on your DAW.

If you’re not fascinated yet, this little monster is also an 8-voice sampler, looper and drum machine. It is equipped with mini pads that can be played in real-time and it can also be used to trigger recorded patterns.

Wait, that’s not all. Users who pick up this gadget will also get Zoom’s classic chromatic tuner and metronome. Pair that up with time stretching and over 140 DSP effects, and the R8 might be one of the most promising ultraportable workstations to hit the market.

Oh, and it can run on 4 AA batteries as well.


For the unending list of the Zoom R8’s features and specs:


Source: CreateDigitalMusic and Zoom


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