Motorola changes owners again, will be owned by Lenovo



In what reminds us very much of a Monopoly endgame play, Google will be selling Motorola to Lenovo before very much longer. According to a report on Techcrunch, the mobile manufacturer will be changing hands once more, though Google will retain most of the Motorola patents, which might have been all it was after in the first place. This would explain the bargain price Google set for the sale; USD 2.91 Billion, vs. the USD 12.5 Billion the big G paid for the company back in 2011.

The sale will happen with a combination of cash, Lenovo shares and a 3-year payment scheme.

Even under Google’s banner, Motorola hasn’t been doing well. The company hasn’t really sold as many of the Moto X as it had hoped to, and even with all its features, the Nexus devices are still the standard-bearer of the Android ecosystem.

We’re not sure what they have in mind, but Lenovo has made great purchases in the past, particularly with the acquisition of IBM.