NASA’s Curiosity gets a “brain transplant” over the air

In a twist that leaves many Android users a little miffed, NASA will be updating curiosity’s software to “better suited for tasks ahead” including better driving and support for its robot arm. This is pretty cool given that the UHF data transmission cap is pegged at jut over 31 MB per day, and that’s with all the other information that command center sends, images Curiosity sends back and other data from sensors. NASA purposely designed the system to be able to receive updates at the speed of light, over-the-air throughout the course of the whole mission, and that makes things really very cool, and begs the question: “Why can’t we get Jellybean on our phones?” Read the whole release from NASA HERE.


  1. Probably because NASA isn’t in charge of Android, Apple or what have you. You must have confused rocket scientists for phone manufacturers.

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