Nokia Lumia 800 official – first “real” Windows Phone

The Nokia Lumia 800 (previously known as the Sea Ray) is now finally official. The Lumia 800 looks extremely familiar, and if we would take a guess, is basically the N9 with a few improvements, the biggest of which is the new version of Windows Phone 7 OS powering everything inside it.

Like the N9, the Lumia 800 doesn’t seem to have a lot of external controls, though from what we’ve seen the iconic navigation buttons of WP7 will still be present (via the touchscreen). The Lumia 800 uses the latest version of WP7, codenamed Mango. New features include location aware services, Google-goggle like functionality and more social network functionality (Twitter and LinkedIn feeds will now be integrated into contact cards for example). The Lumia 800 also comes with Nokia Drive, which the company says turns it into a personal navigation device. Unlike Google Maps, you can download maps to Nokia Drive ahead of time so you won’t have to incur expensive data charges and whatnot while driving (or when exploring a new city).

Additional features for the Lumia 800 include Mix Radio (no sign-ups, no charges, just music) and ESPN Sports Hub (which allows you to follow a sports league of your choice, again with no charge). For Mix Radio, you can pin tracks you like directly into the home screen (which downloads the track you like and makes it available to you offline) while ESPN Sports Hub allows you to pin your favorite team or league directly into the homescreen where you’ll be able to see live updates on it (or them).

The Lumia 800 will retail for €420.

Source: Nokia Livestream



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